Frank Peters

I am Frank Peters. Dutch photographer, cameraman, travel journalist, writer, poet.

To make the photos you see on this website I happily endure extreme cold.

I climb mountains, stay in tents, wait hours for the right lighting and travel thousands of miles for that one perfect image.

My passion for photography is reflected in my photos.

Awards, publications, exhibitions

I've received several distinctions, awards and placements in national (Dutch) and international photography competitions.

My work has been published by
 Bergen Magazine, newspaper Trouw, Broadcast company RTL Netherlands,
newspaper De Volkskrant, 1X.com.

Gallery De Compagnie,
The Patriciërshuis,
museum aan de Maas, 

and H&M Art

have exhibited my
fine art photography.

of the year
2015, 2016, 2017
Photo Fair
2016, 2017
of the year
2015, 2018
Published work
Off the beaten path

At the young age of 23 I journeyed by foot to Rome and walked 2000 kilometers in three months time.


I have taken part in an expedition to
Mont Blanc, the highest mountain of the Alps, published two poetry collections, reported the RoPaRun, a relay rally to raise money for people with cancer and captured the Arctic Challenge at minus 35 degrees Celsius. 

I like to get off the beaten path. This also applies to the photos I take and the artworks I deliver.

Museum quality fine art prints

I work together with Boer en Van Wijk, a print specialist and one of the few Dutch companies that can
produce photos behind
tempered glass. 

Masa Print is specialized in dibond. They delivered reproductions of Rembrandt’s masterpieces to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Together we deliver top quality fine art prints,
on the best materials. 

More information? Please feel free to contact me.

Artist Statement

The balance in my photos is the balance that I seek in real life, but mostly the pictures are better:-).

For me photography is the perfect medium to share my experiences with the world and

escape from it at the same time. 

I can enter into my own universe where I find beauty, balance and inner peace. When I am
taking photos I leave the crowds and noise
of daily life behind.

What I seek, I find in my photos. This is something I like to share and I hope it is something recognizable, that won't be lost.

I have a preference for desolate landscapes; mountains, hills, polders and open water. In order to create space in the images I make.

But I also appreciate skylines. In them I try to fade away all things temporary
in time and space.


A city is less susceptible to the influence of time than we are. The city endures. In the end we are all passersby “Dust in the Wind”. A concept from which I try to escape with my photography. The paradox in life.

Commissioned work

Are you looking for a photographer that will go above and beyond for the best quality? 


Are you interested in photos of special places, which are difficult to reach? Looking for someone who can work in extreme conditions?

Or perhaps you have different wishes such as a client in Sneek, The Netherlands, who wanted a skyline with Waterpoort for their office?
This is also possible!