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Reviews from buyers of fine art prints

Manon en Marco Wesdorp

In a gallery in Dordrecht I saw a picture of the Wolwevershaven. A beautiful atmospheric image, made by Frank Peters at dusk. I didn't buy the work then, because I was in town for other things, but the image has always stayed with me.

Recently Manon and I were looking for a piece of art for our home. I found the photo from the gallery on the internet, but Manon liked another photo of the same place just a little more. So actually I was overruled, but I don't regret it.

The size was still a gamble. You never know how a print will end up on the wall, but the result has turned out to be outstanding. Because we wanted to mount the work in front of large windows, Frank advised us not to have the photo printed on glass but on dibond to avoid too much mirroring. That worked out well. The photo is beautiful and the reactions we receive are very positive.

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