Snow covered Mountains, Castor, Pollux, Switzerland, B&W Landscape Photography

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This photo can be printed under tempered glass, on dibond, aluminium or another material that matches your requirements. You can choose the standard measurements but if you want another format or material than this is possible.


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Story behind the photo:


Above the Mist


Hoping to emerge from the fog, we decide to give it a try. My friend Ido and I are still surrounded by grey cloud, but we’ll soon climb out of it. At least, that would be nice. Of course there’s still a chance that the views will remain elusive, even at higher altitudes. But will they? Surely not…


In the cable car to Klein Matterhorn, our fragile hope transforms into a euphoric state of excited restlessness as the landscape reveals itself. As soon as I see it, I want to take pictures: the clouds could quickly close in again. But it seems like forever before we reach the top and are able to sprint to the viewpoint.


Out of breath and sweating from exertion and nervousness, I’m still able to capture the magnificent views. The Breithorn, Castor and Pollux are the most majestic. With each click I become calmer, and I slowly merge into the panoramic world of sugar mountains, clouds and ice.